About us

Business for Wellingborough

The objective of the Chamber is to promote and protect businesses in Wellingborough and District, taking any steps felt necessary by the Executive Committee in its day to day management of the Chamber’s affairs’. No other activity is specified but on the other hand nothing is ruled out.


  • The installation of directional signage on the MI to Wellingborough and maintaining pressure for signs on the A14.
  • Instrumental as a key player in supporting the establishment of the Town Centre Partnership and appointment of a Town Centre Manager for Wellingborough.
  • In social activity, the Chambers very successful Wellingborough Beer Festivals and Casino Nights entertainment.
  • Company visits and our recent Jaguar vehicle manufacturing experience.
  • Achieving new Town Centre festive lights in partnership.
  • Stressing urgency in dealing with local matters, for instance Doddington Road Slip Way access to the A45 at Wellingborough.
  • Supporting businesses, such as Sywell Aerodrome’s all weather runway proposal.
  • Quarterly meeting with Wellingborough Council Senior Executives, to discuss issues of interest/concern to our members.

Membership is not automatically available to any and all businesses, nor is it free. Members are requested to support Chamber activities to help maintain an effective business organisation. They are requested also to be prompt in the payment of annual subscriptions when due within normal monthly business transactions.

The membership expects the Chamber to support them by fulfilling the objectives stated above without specific instruction or request. Individual members are encouraged to bring to the attention of Chamber Officer’s matters for consideration and such action as deemed necessary by the Chamber Executive.

The Chamber is expected to be involved in every business related activity in the area without reference to or by members and to initiate such activities if none exist. An example being, as a partner with the Wellingborough Town Centre Partnership. The Chamber is also expected to be a source for contact with businesses, business groups, local authorities and any other organisations that might be relevant to business activities in and around the area.

Social activities are not a primary objective for the Chamber and are not intended to be a major source of funds but need to be self financing so far as possible. These activities are organised from time to time to encourage business and social interaction for members and their guests, so as to relax and enjoy time away from the pressures of the work place. The Chamber wishes to promote such events, which need to be well attended and as such request members for their support.