What is an Ambassador?

Wellingborough Chamber – Ambassador Programme

‘Passionate about Wellingborough’, ‘Working for Wellingborough’, Well-connected in Wellingborough’

What is a Wellingborough Ambassador?

Ambassador programmes have become a well established tool over recent years to promote
locations and enable influential business leaders of an area to extol the virtues of the place
their business is based in. It will help to increase civic pride and also develop confidence
for individuals and businesses looking to invest in Wellingborough increasing wealth and
business opportunities for existing firms.

Every resident and employee within Wellingborough should be a positive advocate for the
area…. however, we want to start with a select number of Chamber members and to focus
on some key business leaders who will have the greatest potential influence.

How does it work?

The Ambassador Programme is an informal network of business people, hosted and
supported by the Wellingborough Chamber of Commerce, who will promote Wellingborough
to other businesses, understanding the opportunities that are available and selling what
Wellingborough has to offer. In doing so it can help influence outsider’s perceptions of the
Borough and ultimately increase investment in the town which will be beneficial for everyone.
It should happen as part of the general dialogue and conversation with new business

What type of person are we looking for?

Everyone can help to ‘talk up’ Wellingborough and to put a positive spin on the area’s
attributes, however, a limited number of key business leaders will have access to other
influencers and will come into contact with key decision makers both nationally and
internationally. The Chamber is looking for individuals who are committed to seeing
Wellingborough develop and improve its economic status.

Why develop an Ambassador programme for Wellingborough?

Wellingborough has a fantastic existing set of assets – direct access to London’s Eurostar
terminal in 50 minutes via the Midland Mainline, an established international business
community, a low cost business location within 4 hours of most other destinations in England

and an enviable quality of life for employees – as well as offering the potential for so much
more. Future proposals include the release of over 100ha of employment land, development
of new housing and communities, a new transport interchange at the railway station
alongside a new business district, town centre improvements and better retail facilities. Now
is the right time for Wellingborough to start spreading the message…

Why should I become an Ambassador?

Being a Wellingborough Ambassador will help you to understand the area in which your
business operates. It will bring you into an informal network of local businesses facilitating
referrals and increasing the attractiveness of your business to potential employees helping
you to recruit the right people. By promoting the local area you will also be promoting your
own company, getting recognition for your part in sustaining the local economy and helping
to shape Wellingborough’s future .

How much will it cost me?

It will not cost you anything to be an actual Ambassador although we do like all
Ambassadors to be a member of the Chamber. This would provide your business with all
the usual benefits of Chamber membership and if you’re not already registered would cost
businesses with 1-49 employees £50 and 50+ employees £150.

How much of my time will it take?

The actual time that you put into this will be up to YOU. To work effectively though
Ambassadors should be promoting Wellingborough as part of their normal working days –
passing on information to new contacts and business colleagues and making them aware of
what opportunities exist. We will provide information, statistics and literature which will help
you to promote Wellingborough and the local business community.